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The Secrets and Mysteries 
of the Soul


No matter how energetic, healthy, enthusiastic, and full of dreams a person may be, they know that life in this world is short. What no one knows is how close they are to their last breath. The truth, however, is closer than they think. With clear and detailed explanations based on the Word of God, The Secrets and Mysteries of the Soul talks about the greatest foolishness of humanity, the pain of the soul, what to seek first, and how to guarantee peace for all eternity among other things. 

A Woman of Faith


In her amazing memoir, Ester Bezerra reveals for the first time the remarkable episodes of her life alongside Edir Macedo, one of the greatest spiritual leaders in the world, and her husband for more than four decades.

The secrets of a woman of discretion and few words, who has become a vital support for the journey of one of the most active churches on the planet.

The World will Burn


Science asserts that our planet is on the path to imminent collapse…
How much time do we have left? What will happen to our souls when the end comes, as the Bible foretells?
All of us wonder at some time in our lives what the future holds for each one of us.  Based on the events foreseen in the last book of the Bible, and backed up by scientific data, this book details in-depth revelations about the end of times and the final destiny of humanity, as described by the apostle John. 

The Holy Bible


The NKJV special edition Holy Bible with the personal commentary from Bishop Edir Macedo,


The Bible exclusively has the comments of Bishop Macedo present on every page, making the reading even richer in teaching and lessons about faith, life with God, sentimental life, financial, among others

Here I am Lord!


"Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?" "Here I am!" was the prophet Isaiah's answer to God's great question, but do you know the secret that it holds? God is searching for servants who will offer their lives to Him in sincerity, purity, and wholeness.  This book is a true treasure for those who value the privilege of being called and chosen to serve God.

In the Footsteps of Jesus


How can we find the way? Since the world began people have always looked for a way out of their problems - often without success. Many have claimed they have the 'solution' to all life's problems and promise to bring hapiness and meaning to life.


However, when confronted with this very same questions, the Lord Jesus answered firmly, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life". "In The Footsteps of Jesus" is an easy-to-read book that will not only help people find their way out of their problems, but also teach them how to get the most out of life. And most importantly, how to live forever.

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