what we do

We offer many services free of charge to all, regarding of age, race of religion including seminars and meetings to teach and help in different needs. That includes a practical and spiritual advice and prayer.
  • Everyday prayer for specific needs, such as family, health, and finances… (Please refer to the timetable below)
  • One-to-one spiritual counselling.
  • Life coaching, career and relationship guidance.
  • Help for overcoming addictions.
  • Personal attention in crisis situations at home, hospital or prison.


Monday - Finances: Learn how faith can motivate you to start your business, organise your finances, work towards a promotion and make money work for you. Find wisdom to prosper. 
7am, 10am, 3pm & 7pm
Tuesday - Healing: Prayers for healing. See this as a complement to your medical treatment. 
7am, 10am, 3pm & 7pm
Wednesday - Bible Study: Discover new insights from God’s Word, making the Bible relevant for today, feeding your spirit, and increasing your faith. 
7am, 10am, 3pm & 7pm
Thursday - Family & Couples: Marriage and family guidance. Also preparing to find your partner for life. 
Family: 7am, 10am & 3pm
Love School: 7pm
Friday - Deliverance: Break all types of curses. Stop bad luck. Achieve spiritual protection, deliverance from all evil, breaking cycles of failure.7am, 10am, 3pm & 7pm
Saturday - Impossible Cases: Prayer support for the impossible to become possible. 
Sunday - Empowerment & Worship: Get closer to God, learn how to pray effectively, be filled with the Holy Spirit. Main service at 9:30am.
(Also at 7am & 6pm)
3pm - Get Clean Sessions.

How to Participate: 

  1. Have a goal - Just like you wouldn’t apply to university without knowing what course to do, you must identify your objectives.
  2. Don’t break it! - Persistence is the key! Starting without finishing won’t get you the results you’re looking for. 
  3. Don’t do it alone - Encouragement goes a long way, so pair up with a spiritual adviser. There’s no need to do it alone. 
  4. Practice what you learn - We consider ourselves to be a Faith School with lessons that breed results if only applied. Don’t waste what you receive. 
  5. How’s it going - Pastors are there just for you. Why not take advantage and speak about your experience so far. 
  6. Don’t give up - You’re almost at the end, so there’s no turning back now. Keep persevering and the end result will be worth it. 
  7. Share - Everyone likes good news, So why not be the bearer of it and share the result of your Chain of Prayer.
For more information please call 09 262 2286 / 021 501 271.