Mindtrap Event - Assistant Birzaf Testimony

Assistant Biz (MINDTRAP) from UCKG NZ on Vimeo.

YPG Show down 2013!

A great Event held at the Telstra Clear Events Centre in Manukau. It attracted a large number of youths and extraordinary talent from in and around Auckland, including NZ's 6x Beat box Champion and world record holder King Homeboy.

YPG Showdown High lights

Highlights from the YPG Showdown

The New Clash - 18th August 2013 - YPG New Zealand

There are now 6 tribes battling it out to win this round of the CLASH of the TRIBES! Be part of something BIG!

YPG - New Zealand - We are a family!

The Youth Power Group in New Zealand, gathers youths from all nationalities making it one Big Family!

60's Dance- Showdown

A 60's dance performance by some of the YPG members at the Showdown

I love you seroiusly 2

The YPG introduces a feature Length play/film about love life and the consequences of making wrong decisions when it comes to Love.

The Puppeteer

"YPG presents the Puppeteer, held at Old Papatoetoe town hall. What's Controlling you?!"

The Last Chance Part 1

YPG presents The Last Chance- A feature length film/play about the many chances we get from God but we never take seriously until it's too late.

The Last Chance- Part 2

Part 2 of the feature length play/ film by the Youth Power Group

YPG day out 2011

YPG day out at The Rainbows End Theme park.

Where You Going?!

In 2011 we held a powerful event asking the hard question "Where you Going"?! Here's the trailer we had online which attracted a massive turnout of youths who came to watch a skit, dance and also hear a powerful message

YPG Olympics 2011

A day of sports,Competition and great fun for all the youths involved.

Set me Free

A musical drama by the YPG performed at old Papatoetoe town hall

Our Daily Battle

Our daily battle tackles the subject of being a Christian and having to battle against ourselves and the world around us.

VYG Day Out

A day out with the VYG

The Last Judgement- Part 1

A powerful play by the YPG when it was known as the VYG ( Victory Youth Group).

The Last Judgment- Part 2

One of the early plays by the YPG held at the Papatoetoe town Hall

The Last Judgment - Part 3

Part 3 of the powerful Skit performed by the YPG
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