7th March 2013

When we love, we are capable to surrender what ever is necessary to prove our love. For example, nowadays marriage is a frightful word for many. How many boyfriends and girlfriends say “I love you”, but, when marriage is brought up they immediately change the subject. And why is that? It’s because marriage means sacrifice. A daily sacrifice that requires: letting go of your single life, being faithful to one another, being there through hard times, being patient, love unconditionally, forgiving, etc. I think you get the picture. People nowadays want to live their lives free of commitments, with no strings attached.

It’s not only with marriage but with God too. How many people say they “love” God, but they are not willing to surrender their lusts for this world. Some even say they do, but deep down inside their heart, they earn to please their flesh. They only seek God when going through a problem or tough time. And when they do, do it with laziness, in any such way, or as if it was an obligation, with no respect what so ever for God. They keep a grudge against someone and are not willing to forgive, but want to be forgiven. They don’t want any commitment with God, but expect Him to fulfill His promises in their lives.  They say that: “God is first”, but He is always the last on their minds.

Let’s be sincere, how can someone who does all of the above mentioned, love God? Unfortunately, many think that they do. Loving God is not a religion or a tradition. It’s denying, surrendering, sacrificing everyday your own will to do the will of God.

“He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. John 14: 21

Thelma Silva

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