Who Believes?

26th February 2013

The belief in God has become so common, as ordinary as the belief in the gods of this world.

This is why almost everybody believes in God. But, in which God? The unknown God.

The same happens among most Christians. Most Christians say they believe in Jesus, but what benefit have they gotten out of it? None, zero. Why is that? Because they believe in Jesus and in God, just like the demons do. Demons also believe in Jesus and God, James 2:19. However, this doesn't make them any less of a demon, nor does it stop them from doing what is evil.

Most "Christians" keep their sinful ways just like demons do. Although they are regulars in the church, fast, pray and read the Bible, they also commit adultery, fornicate, lie, sow conflict between their brethren in faith, etc, etc, etc.

What good is this kind of belief?

The benefits that you receive from this kind of belief are the same as the demons: none, zero. The fact is: it makes no difference whether or not you believe in this kind of belief.

How do you truly believe in God?
How does this belief differ from other beliefs?
How can you distinguish which belief will make a difference?
The difference between those who believe and those who think they believe?

Because of his belief, Noah obeyed the Word of God,
And this earned him the salvation of all of his family from the flood.
Abraham's belief also led him to obey God.
Result: he was blessed in every way,
He died at the blissful old age of 175.
True belief is committed to acts of obedience.

Those who obey believe. Those who believe obey.

The rest is merely conversation...


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