Who's greater you or your bank account?

23rd October 2013

Seriously, think about it. Whether your bank balance is in the millions or in the negatives, between the two of you who is greatest?

You know what the answer should be. That you’re greater. Which would be the correct answer, at least in theory. But, in reality, it’s not so simple.

I would say that Glen James was greater than his bank balance, for sure. For starters, he didn’t even have a bank account. He was homeless and on the streets of Boston since 2005. Then one beautiful day last month, while wandering through the streets like always, he found a backpack with 40 thousand dollars. “Finding is not stealing.” right? Not for Glen.

Even though he lived on the streets and lived off the charity of others, he went to the police station and turned in the backpack, which also had the owners passport inside. The police found the owner and returned the money. The story called the media’s attention around the world. After seeing the news, a man in another state, Ethan Whittington, was inspired by Glen’s gesture and started a campaign to generate donations on the internet to help Glen get off the streets. A month later the campaign had raised $160 thousand dollars.

Glen, Ethan and those policemen are rare men in this world. The majority of us wouldn’t have done the same in their shoes. They literally showed that they’re greater than money.

If you’re greater than your bank balance, which at the moment is looking pretty low, why feel depressed?

If you’re greater than your bank balance, and it’s stuffed, why do you have such a hard time being generous?

One of the reasons why God created tithes and offerings was so that we would be above money, never below it. The idea behind tithing is recognizing that God is the owner of all things, we’re not the owners. The idea of offerings is to stimulate generosity and a belief that He will never leave us in need of anything.

You’re greater than your bank balance because:

  • You’re an intelligent individual, money’s just paper
  • You make money, money doesn’t make you
  • You’re worth more than what money can buy
  • You’re the son of the Owner of all the gold and silver of this world
  • One day it’s all going to stay behind anyway, you on the other hand will remain forever.

When you’re convicted of this, money will come after you, like it eventually came after Glen. Then you’ll never be afraid of being generous, giving to those who deserve it and those who don’t.

You’re greater than your bank balance. Believe it. Live it.

Bishop Renato Cardoso


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