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Financial Independence and Business

Guidance for financial growth and success.

7am | 10am | 3pm | 7pm

All Churches


Prayer support for the sick and their families.

7am | 10am | 3pm | 7pm

All churches


Youth Meeting | 8PM | Manukau

Spiritual Development

Spiritual growth and development. 

7am | 10am | 3pm | 7pm

All churches

Love Talk

Prayerful support and guidance for families. Also, allow your relationship to be strengthened. 


All churches

Other Events

Family Prayers | 7am | 10am | 3pm 

Spiritual Cleansing

Freedom and protection from negativity. 

7am | 10am | 3pm | 7pm

All churches

Impossible Cases

Prayer support for the impossible to become possible.


Only in Manukau

Empowerment & Worship

Weekly spiritual boost, be strengthened. 

7am | 9:30am 

All churches

Other Events

Victory Youth Group | 1:30pm

Get Clean | 3pm 

The Gold and the Altar | 6pm

Quote Of The Day

If you ask for ordinary things, your faith is ordinary. If you ask for extraordinary things, your faith is extraordinary. If you only ask for earthly things, your faith is as fragile as these things are. And, if you ask prioritising eternal things, your faith is as strong as the eternal things are.


Upcoming Events

Bethel - The Gate to Heaven

20th June 2021
At 10am, 3pm & 6pm
Join us this Sunday to receive the anointing on your feet for direction in all your ways.

7 Sundays of the Deliverance o...

20th June 2021
At 7am, 10am, 3pm & 6pm
Join us this Sunday for this special service. Bring the clothing or photo of your family members to be anointed and prayed over in the service.