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Financial Independence and Business

Guidance for financial growth and success.

7am | 10am | 3pm | 7pm

All Churches

Other Events

Youth Meeting | 8:30 PM | Manukau


Prayer support for the sick and their families.

7am | 10am | 3pm | 7pm

All churches

Spiritual Development

Spiritual growth and development. 

7am | 10am | 3pm | 7pm

All churches

Love Talk

Prayerful support and guidance for families. Also, allow your relationship to be strengthened. 


All churches

Other Events

Family Prayers | 7am | 10am | 3pm 

Spiritual Cleansing

Freedom and protection from negativity. 

7am | 10am | 3pm | 7pm

All churches

Impossible Cases

Prayer support for the impossible to become possible.


Only in Manukau

Empowerment & Worship

Weekly spiritual boost, be strengthened. 

7am | 9:30am 

All churches

Other Events

Youth Power Group | 1pm

Get Clean | 3pm 

Study of Revelation | 6pm

Quote Of The Day

"While pride promotes dishonor, humbleness precedes honor." - Bishop Macedo


Upcoming Events

Oil of Blessings

29th July 2018
At 9:30am (also at 7am, 3pm & 6pm)
"At all times may your clothing be white, and let not oil ever lack on your head." Ecclesiastes 9:8    Come and receive the Blessed Oil to anoint your house, work, car, to a... read more