All Answers Event

29th September 2019

People are often left defeated because of what
they see. Coming face to face with obstacles,
difficulties, problems or struggles, it’s enough
to forget what has been promised.

This is when a person becomes dependent on
seeing something happen before believing...but the
problem with this is that God doesn’t work like this.
He tells us to first believe and then we shall see.
It’s in this faith that you are invited to the ‘All
Answers’ Event on September 29th. What is the
answer that you would like to see taking place in
your life?

Take a few moments now to think about what you
would change in your life, if you could - well you
can! This event is for us to fight for answers from God.
Answers to problems that just won’t go away.
Perhaps you’ve been struggling with a certain
situation in your own life, or with your family.
Maybe you even think that there is no hope for you
anymore. If you feel this way, then this event is for

Come and learn how you can transform your life and as the replica of the Ark of the Covenant will be present at this special
event, great testimonies and ANSWERS will come to
pass in the lives of those who believe. Also, a bottle of anointing oil, blended with olive oil from the Holy Land will be given FREE OF CHARGE.

To reserve your seat, call us now: 09 262 2286 | 021 501 271


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