ASK! Event

19th April 2019

One of the underused tools of success is the power of asking. There are many things you’ve always wanted but never had because of one or more of these four reasons: 

  • You never asked
  • You asked in the wrong way
  • You asked the wrong person 
  • You gave up asking

“...Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” These words of Jesus in John 16:24 imply that many people live incomplete lives because they don’t ask for what they want. Look at your life and ask yourself: “Am I completely happy?” Chances are you feel incomplete in key areas such as relationships, money, health, family, faith and personal dreams. This is exactly why this event is taking place at the UCKG Help Centre, to help you learn the power of asking. This is a faith-based event that will take place on Good Friday, 19 April at 9am (also at 3pm & 6pm). 

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