Day of Decision Event

14th October 2018

The Day of Decision is an event that will be held on Sunday, 14th October 2018 at 10am, at the Vodafone Events Centre (770 Great South Road, Wiri - Manukau 2104). Thousands of people will be attending, but you may not be one of them. In fact, you may not even be eligible for it.

Here’s why. Perhaps:

- You’re doing from well to great in life.

- You have some minor problems here and there but nothing you’re too worried about.

- You are the picture of health.

- You usually get what you want — you dream it, and you make it happen.

- You are surrounded by people who love you and make you feel really special.

- You are put off by the idea that there is a God, a Higher Power, that people can reach out to in times of need.

If the above is a fair description of you, you really don’t need the Day of Decision. We wish you every success. 

On the other hand… 

If the above is not you at all, you are not really happy with your life, and realize that some problems can take more than human effort to solve; this event could be the turning point in your life!

What’s separating you from the life that you want? 

A DECISION on your part. Change only comes when you DECIDE you’ve had enough and take action.

It’s your decision to stay as you are — or to do something different, attend this event, and apply what you learn and change your life.

On Sunday, 14th October at 10am, a generous amount of holy oil, blended with olive oil from the Holy Land will be given FREE OF CHARGE to everyone who attends. This oil will serve as a point of contact, a tangible way for you to use your faith and connect with God. We challenge you to come with your problems and see for yourself what God can do in your life. 

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