21 Days Fast of Daniel

26th August 2018




What is the 21 days?


The 21-day Fast of Daniel is back! This fast is a spiritual detox, a disconnection from all secular information, media and entertainment.


If you stop and think about it, we consume so much negativity without even realising it. The mass of information that surrounds us daily can be overwhelming and hostile.

It is necessary to take a step away from it all and invest in what really matters – your soul.

Is it easy?

No, in fact taking part in this fast requires strength, but it is worth it. The 21-day fast will last from 6 August – 26 August. It is for two kinds of people:

• Those who do not have the Holy Spirit and want to receive Him.

• Those who have Him, but want to be renewed. 

The first thing we must acknowledge on our journey to receiving the Holy Spirit or being renewed by Him is our weaknesses and mistakes.

The Holy Spirit cannot come into our lives when we think that we are perfect and do not need help.

Recognising our mistakes, asking for forgiveness and forgiving others is a sign of sincerity and a humble heart. This is the type of heart that the Holy Spirit wants to live in.

Swap your thoughts for the thoughts of God; meditate on His Word and communicate with Him through prayer. This is your opportunity to have a true encounter with the Creator. If you wish to develop spiritually and desire to have His seal, then this is the time.

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